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April 19, 2019 Page

For the first 100 days in office, Congresswoman Veronica Escobar and House Democrats continue to make progress on the For The People agenda focused on lowering health care and prescription drug costs for El Pasoans, raising wages, rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, and cleaning up corruption in Washington. 

Here’s a look at how the House of Representatives is moving forward on this agenda and other key priorities. Those with an asterisk denote measures with bipartisan support:


April 1, 2019 Press Release
“Dreamers are part of the rich and beautiful fabric of our nation. Congress has a duty to protect them against the Trump administration, and take real steps to ensure the confidential information they provided about themselves and their families is never used against them,” said Congresswoman Escobar. “That is why I’m proud to join Congresswoman Torres to introduce the Protect DREAMer Confidentiality Act and help thousands of Dreamers across the country, including the almost 9,000 from El Paso.”
March 29, 2019 Press Release
“Once again, Secretary Nielsen is using an increase in the number of asylum seekers as a vehicle to promote an abhorrent policy. Her request for broader authority to detain families indefinitely and deport migrant children, denying them their right to due process, is offensive and anti-American.”
March 24, 2019 Press Release
“Today, I join the American people and my colleagues in the House of Representatives to demand the release of the full Special Counsel report and underlying evidence of the investigation.
March 22, 2019 Press Release
The delegation visited Jordan and Iraq, where they received operational and intelligence updates from the different military commands within the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility, executed key engagements with host nations and Department of State leadership, and received important briefings on the operational and strategic impacts of U.S. policy and the National Defense Strategy in the Middle East region. Congresswoman Escobar released this statement following the trip:
March 20, 2019 Press Release
“Today, the Trump administration decided to once again ignore our immigration laws and expand a dangerous policy in order to deter asylum seekers fleeing violence, persecution and poverty from seeking refuge in our country.
March 15, 2019 Press Release
“Today, President Trump decided to grossly defy our system of checks and balances and ignore the first branch of government’s vote to defend our Constitution and end his fake emergency.
March 8, 2019 In The News

By Phillip Mena, Cora Cervantes and Suzanne Gamboa

EL PASO, Texas — When Rep. Veronica Escobar thinks of her hometown, what comes to mind is the more than 100-year-old dairy farm that generations of Escobars have owned and worked.

Escobar, who grew up in this border city on Texas’ westernmost tip, thinks of her father delivering milk even while working as the El Paso County engineer. She thinks of fun nights in high school in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, just a short walk across a bridge spanning the Rio Grande.

March 8, 2019 Press Release
On February 21, 2019, CBP announced the installation of barbed wire barriers in response to the increasing numbers of Central American asylum-seekers. The lawmakers state in the letter that although Central American asylum-seeking families and children represent a humanitarian challenge, there is no national emergency to justify the deployment of these barriers.
March 8, 2019 Press Release
“En el Día Internacional de la Mujer, honramos las extraordinarias contribuciones de las mujeres y reconocemos que nuestra labor para lograr la igualdad aún no termina. Ya sea marchando para obtener el derecho al voto o derechos reproductivos, alzando sus voces en apoyo de la igualdad salarial o en contra de las políticas de inmigración inhumanas que separan a los niños de los brazos de sus madres, las mujeres de nuestras comunidades están liderando la lucha hacia el progreso.