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Congresswoman Escobar Statement on Her Arrest Defending Abortion Access

Today, Congresswoman Veronica Escobar (TX-16) issued the following statement after her arrest defending abortion access and reproductive freedom in front of the Supreme Court:

"Protesting injustice in our country is as old as our democracy itself; it is a cornerstone of our history, a principle of our nation, and a faithful mechanism for the will of the people to be heard. That is why, in the face of unprecedented attacks on abortion access and reproductive justice, like the draconian laws and anti-woman agenda we are seeing from the Texas state legislature, Governor Abbott, and the Supreme Court, I joined several of my colleagues in front of the highest court in the land to make good trouble.

My arrest today for civil disobedience was a small act in the centuries-long battle to ensure every woman has the freedom to make personal decisions with those they love and trust without politicians trying to control them. We stand on the shoulders of giants whose struggle against injustices everywhere lights the way forward: the fight didn’t start here, and it’s far from over."

Photographs can be found here.

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