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El Paso Times: U.S. Rep. Escobar: 'We are strongest when we unite to face adversity'

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El Paso Times, March 20, 2020 El Pasoans aren’t strangers to great challenges, and our community has demonstrated time and again that we are strongest when we unite to face adversity. Coronavirus, the pandemic that is sweeping the globe will prove to be one of the greatest challenges we will face. To adequately address it, we must each be armed with information driven by science, understand the gr... Read more »

NPR: Spanish Response To State Of The Union Calls Trump 'The Greatest Threat'

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Meg Anderson, February 5, 2020 According to Rep. Veronica Escobar, the greatest danger facing Americans is not foreign, economic or even climate related. It is the president himself and his Republican supporters in Congress. "Honestly, the greatest threat to our security is a president and a Republican-controlled Senate that act only in their own interest," Escobar said during the Spanish-language... Read more »

The New York Times: Veronica Escobar to Focus on Health Care, Guns in Spanish-Language Response to Trump

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By Emily Cochrane, February 4, 2020 WASHINGTON — When President Trump delivered his State of the Union address in 2019, he pointed to El Paso as a sign of the success of his immigration policies, claiming it had been transformed from “one of our nation’s most dangerous cities” to “one of the safest cities in our country” by the construction of a border wall. In the audience, Representative Veronic... Read more »

El Paso Times: Border Patrol Creates New Civilian Jobs to Handle Migrant Welfare

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection is creating hundreds of new, civilian jobs to handle the processing and welfare checks of migrants at the border — a move advocates have recommended to curb allegations of abusive treatment in border enforcement. The posting shows openings in El Paso and McAllen, Texas, and Yuma, Arizona, for civilians to help "with humanitarian care and intake proces... Read more »

El Paso Times Newsmaker of 2019: Rep. Veronica Escobar, a leading voice on the border

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First-year U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar rose to become one of the most impactful national voices from the border as El Paso faced a difficult year in 2019. Escobar, who made history as one of the first two Latinas in Congress from Texas, was outspoken against what she saw as dangerous anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies from the Trump administration. She also played a role in the third presidential... Read more »

Texas Monthly: Veronica vs. the Swamp

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EL PASO, Texas— Representative Veronica Escobar wanted her colleagues to see the conditions for themselves. It was a warm spring morning in El Paso, and the freshman congresswoman was taking four Democratic congresswomen—members of the House Homeland Security Committee—to visit a Border Patrol station in El Paso where hundreds of migrants, many of them Central American families seeking refuge in t... Read more »

El New York Times: Veronica Escobar, la congresista latina que aboga por los migrantes en la era de Trump

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Escobar, una de las dos primeras mujeres latinas elegidas para representar a Texas en la Cámara de Representantes, se ha convertido en una lideresa de los debates legislativos sobre los problemas fronterizos. La Presidenta de la Cámara de Representantes, Nancy Pelosi, la considera como una voz influyente y Escobar se ha proyectado como una política apasionada pero menos conflictiva que otras nuevas figuras que también han confrontado las duras políticas migratorias del presidente Donald Trump. Read more »

The New York Times: Texas Latina Emerges as House’s Voice of Passion and Reason on the Border

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Ms. Escobar, one of the first of two Latina women to represent Texas in the House, has become a leader in the bruising, emotional border debate on Capitol Hill. Elevated as a voice of authority by Speaker Pelosi, Ms. Escobar has been passionate but also less confrontational than some of the other freshmen when highlighting President Trump’s hard-line immigration policies. Read more »

Houston Chronicle: Border Debate Can’t Happen Under Threat of Another Shutdown

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Attempting to negotiate “border security” during a government shutdown, while hundreds of thousands of federal employees and their families struggled to stay afloat and communities were left reeling from the economic impact, was not only contrary to the democratic process, but it also all but guaranteed a terrible outcome for immigrants and the border. Read more »

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