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FY 2023 Community Project Funding Requests

Community Project Funding Requests

Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro announced that the House Committee on Appropriations will be accepting Community Project Funding (CPF) requests from Members. This is in addition to the standard programmatic and language-based requests. Each Member is limited to no more than 15 Community Project Funding requests across all subcommittees for Fiscal Year 2023 and there is no guarantee that all requested projects will be funded. The FY2023 CPF process has a limited scope with combined earmarks capped at 1% of all discretionary spending.


  • All projects must meet the relevant statutory and administrative criteria for funding through the grant program under which it is submitted.
  • A request submitted to Congresswoman Escobar does NOT guarantee the project will be selected.
  • The selection of a project does NOT guarantee it will be funded by the Appropriations Committee.
  • The Committee will NOT provide cost-share waivers and grantees are legally responsible for meeting the non-federal cost share requirements and all other applicable grant criteria.

More information on the process can be found on the House Appropriations Committee’s page here. Staff may follow up for additional information to support the CPF request such as budget justification, documentation of community support and need, or proof of ability to meet match requirements once an initial request is submitted. If you have any questions about Congresswoman Escobar’s project submission process, please email

Eligible Entities & Projects:

Only state and local government entities, public institutions, and non-profit entities are eligible to submit and receive funding through CPF. Funding cannot be directed to for-profit entities and will not include waivers for State or local match requirements. While matching funds do not have to be in-hand prior to the request, requesting entities must have a plan to meet such requirements for the project to be viable. Additionally, each submission must be for FY2023 only and cannot include multi-year funding requests. The Committee will only consider projects with demonstrated community support in the form of: letters from local elected officials; press articles highlighting need; support from newspaper editorial boards; mentions on State intended use plans, community development plans, or other publicly available planning documents; resolutions passed by city councils or boards; etc. To see which projects where submitted by my office last year and were successfully funded, click here. If you would other projects from across the country that were accepted in the final Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2022, click here

Resource Guide:

In order to inform El Pasoans about the available accounts and funding, my office has compiled a comprehensive resource guide. This guide contains descriptions of what projects are eligible, a recap of the FY2022 process, and more. To view the resource guide, click here.

Submitted Projects for Fiscal Year 2023

Below you will find the projects my office submitted to the Appropriations Committee during the Fiscal Year 2023 Community Project Funding request cycle.

Projects Submitted:

Project Name: El Paso Children’s Hospital Pediatric Mobile Clinic
Recipient: El Paso Children’s Hospital
Address: 4845 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79905
Amount Requested: $595,000
Project Description: This project would be used for the acquisition of a mobile medical vehicle and the ability to outfit it with technology and equipment necessary for a Mobile Pediatric Clinic. The Mobile Clinic will be able to provide both basic and specialty pediatric healthcare throughout El Paso County while targeting areas in the County that oftentimes lack access to pediatric care and medical resources. Additionally, the unit will provide clinical services, vaccinations, financial education and resources for parents, and education with school district nurses and teachers.
Financial Disclosure Letter


Project Name: El Paso International Airport Solar Covered Parking Project
Recipient: City of El Paso
Address: 300 N. Campbell, El Paso, TX 79901
Amount Requested: $1,750,000
Project Description: This project would be used to design and construct a solar covered parking facility located directly in front of the terminal in short term parking. The 2.5 acre system is expected to generate 1.5MW of solar which will offset 2.1MW consumed by the Terminal annually.
Financial Disclosure Letter


Project Name: El Paso ISD After-School Community Learning Centers: Broadening STEAM Learning Ecosystems
Recipient: El Paso Independent School District
Address: 1014 N. Stanton Street, El Paso, TX 79902
Amount Requested: $2,000,000
Project Description: The funding would be used to bridge academic and equity gaps in the south side of El Paso by offering after-school enrichment centers focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), literacy, social emotional development, and health and fitness. The goal of the program will be to positively impact the trajectories of at-risk students into STEAM careers through the establishment of after-school enrichment centers at south side campuses. The program will provide wraparound support that promotes academic excellence by focusing on character building, physical activity, and academic tutoring and enrichment. This program will engage students to increase attendance, improve academic performance, and reduce disciplinary referrals.
Financial Disclosure Letter


Project Name: Heritage Tourism Business Connection
Recipient: El Paso County
Address: 500 E. San Antonio, El Paso, Texas 79901
Amount Requested: $500,000
Project Description: This project would be used to launch a business retention and expansion effort for businesses along El Paso County’s historic Mission Trail, which stretches from the eastern edge of the City of El Paso, includes the City of Socorro, the San Elizario Historic District and the Town of Tornillo. The program would provide training and counseling for entrepreneurs as well as skills development for employees to help bolster the tourism industry in El Paso County. Entrepreneurs targeted by the program would include small business owners situated along the Mission Trail corridor including heritage tourism and ecotourism operators.
Financial Disclosure Letter


Project Name: SAC 1 Sediment Detention Basin
Recipient: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Albuquerque District
Address: 4101 Jefferson Plaza NE Albuquerque, NM 87109
Amount Requested: $4,630,000
Project Description: This project would be used to construct a 34-acre-foot desilting basin strategically placed to detain peak flows and sediment affecting the RV Channel (located south of project site). The objective is to construct a desilting basin that will detain peak flows and sediment affecting the RV Channel, street crossings, residential, commercial and agricultural land. This project will also prevent erosion and collapse of downstream structures some of which have already been reconstructed due to failure caused by the accumulation of sediment and will protect the existing structures from future damage.
Financial Disclosure Letter


Project Name: TTUHCEP El Paso Border Health Center
Recipient: Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso
Address: 5001 El Paso Drive, El Paso, TX, 79905
Amount Requested: $5,070,000
Project Description: This project would be used to target at-risk communities in the border region, leveraging community and clinical partners, to conduct early diagnosis and monitoring, as well as to provide telemedicine services and surveillance for obesity, diabetes, and cancer. With the equipment purchased for this project – including computers, equipment, and other health information technology devices for data storage and analysis –the center would be able to provide generational care to families in the region, particularly in the colonias, establish an electronic health records system, and conduct evidence-based diabetes and cancer research. This request will support a unique collaboration in the region between local physicians, nurses, biomedical researchers, public health researchers, promatoras, and students.
Financial Disclosure Letter

 Project Name: Town of Anthony, Texas Police Department, Municipal Court, and Emergency Shelter Facility
Recipient: Town of Anthony, Texas
Address: 401 Wildcat Dr, Anthony, Texas 79821
Amount Requested: $3,500,000
Project Description: This project would be used to construct a new police station, courthouse, and emergency community shelter facility. Currently the police department and courthouse are housed in the same building as the town hall and other public services and does not have an emergency shelter. The current facility is too small to sustain all of these essential services and building a new facility for the police department, courthouse, and an emergency community shelter complex will allow Anthony to keep up with the community’s growth, safety, and tourism.
Financial Disclosure Letter

 Project Name: El Paso County Animal Welfare Pet Wellness Clinic
Recipient: El Paso County
Address: 500 E. San Antonio, El Paso, Texas 79901
Amount Requested: $1,300,000
Project Description: The funding would be used to renovate an existing property into an animal wellness clinic that will offer high-volume spay and neuter programs, as well as vaccinations and microchips to track responsible ownership. In El Paso County there are few organizations that offer low to no cost versions of these procedures and this project would directly address this issue.
Financial Disclosure Letter

 Project Name: El Paso County Senior Meal and Community Kitchen
Recipient: El Paso County
Address: 500 E. San Antonio, El Paso, Texas 79901
Amount Requested: $5,200,000
Project Description: This project would be used to build a full-scale community kitchen using an existing kitchen concept at the main food bank with the capacity to prepare, serve and deliver 10,000+ meals daily to elderly, disabled homebound, and youth populations as well as meet any emergent meal needs of the community during natural disasters or public health emergencies such as a pandemic. Once completed, the community kitchen along with other food bank services will serve as a teaching facility providing training and workforce development in culinary skills, warehousing, forklift operation, CDL driving and other vocational trades in coordination with the County of El Paso's Reentry/Transitional Center.
Financial Disclosure Letter


 Project Name: Fabens Airport Fuel Farm & AWOS Improvements
Recipient: El Paso County
Address: 500 E. San Antonio, El Paso, Texas 79901
Amount Requested: $1,700,000
Project Description: This project would be used to introduce new and modern weather instruments to the Fabens Airport while also creating a way to offer jet fuel to aviation customers. The improvements to be developed through this proposed program align with our shared goals of enhancing activity at the airport by providing access to jet fuel to provide fuel alternative options and providing pilots with the fundamental tools and data necessary for landing and takes offs. Currently, pilots landing at the facility must rely on data from El Paso International Airport, a facility located in the middle of urban El Paso nearly 25 miles away.
Financial Disclosure Letter


Project Name: Horizon City Transit-Oriented Development Phase 1
Recipient: Town of Horizon City
Address: 14999 Darrington Road, Horizon City, TX 79928.
Amount Requested: $1,735,000
Project Description: This project would be used for the initial design and environmental study of a Transit-Oriented Development in Horizon City. Specifically, it would be used for the design and environmental study for the design of Dilley and Delake Drives and for the design and environmental study of a transit plaza. The Transit Oriented Development is intended to provide opportunities for Horizon City residents to live, work and play in a compact area. By creating this development, Horizon City intends to also strengthen its resiliency by diversifying its tax base and revenues. The transit plaza will serve as a hub for transit routes that will provide access to residents in the TOD area, as well as Horizon City as a whole, to educational facilities in east El Paso County and at the University of Texas at El Paso campus and Rio Grande campus of El Paso Community College.
Financial Disclosure Letter

 Project Name: La Casa de los Abuelitos
Recipient: Opportunity for the Homeless
Address: 1208 Myrtle Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79901
Amount Requested: $2,442,706
Project Description: This project would be used to construct a new Abuelitos facility as a permanent home for El Paso’s elderly and frail homeless male population. The facility will be comprised of both transitional (shelter) and permanent beds and will specifically target homeless men who are harder to serve, those who are frail, in need of additional support services, and most at risk in a normal shelter setting. Utilizing a vacant lot at 150 Brown Street, this proposal involves the development of a new housing facility with 31 beds that will be designed to address the needs of a more elderly and frail population that will include ADA-compliant showers, restrooms, etc. The facility will also include a kitchen/dining area, office space, laundry room, and other essential components.
Financial Disclosure Letter

 Project Name: Planning Study to Improve Land Border Crossing Transit and Pedestrian Connectivity to Business Districts in the El Paso Region for Equity, Accessibility and Economic Development
Recipient: Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Address: 1111 Rellis Pkwy, Bryan, Texas 77807
Amount Requested: $1,500,000
Project Description: This project would be used for a planning study to improve land border crossing transit and pedestrian connectivity to business districts in the El Paso region. Land border crossings are a critical economic activity link for U.S. retail businesses and residents in their immediate surroundings and in the lower income neighborhoods they often connect to, as well as for businesses located elsewhere in the community. Additionally, the areas in the vicinity of land border crossings, along with their adjoining commercial/industrial areas and medical districts have often experienced years of disinvestment, rely on mass transit, and suffer of high traffic incident rates and poor air quality. This study will complement existing community efforts by identifying specific improvements needed to connect transit and pedestrian traffic between the land border crossings with the highest pedestrian traffic and the business, medical and residential districts in their surroundings as well as other major points of attraction throughout the El Paso region. 
Financial Disclosure Letter


Project Name: Vinton Water and Wastewater Phase III
Recipient: Village of Vinton
Address: 436 E. Vinton Rd., Vinton, TX 79821
Amount Requested: $6,960,000
Project Description: This project would be used to provide for the expansion of a looped water and sewer system with wholesale supply of treated potable water and treatment of wastewater for the local business sector. The proposed system includes approximately 21,600 linear feet of 8-to-12-inch waterline, one master meter, 44 fire hydrants, and approximately 65 first time commercial service connections. On the wastewater side, the system would include 13,980 linear feet of 8-inch sewer line and the decommissioning of 59 onsite sewage facilities. The implementation of adequate water and sewer infrastructure will address public safety and health concerns that include fire flow and environmental health.
Financial Disclosure Letter


Project Name: Franklin Canal Concrete Lining Project: Phase IV
Recipient: Bureau of Reclamation, Missouri Basin and Arkansas Rio Grande-Texas Gulf Regions– Oklahoma-Texas Area Office
Address: 5316 Highway 290 West, Suite 110 Austin, TX 78735-8931
Amount Requested: $999,309
Project Description: This project would be used to install shotcrete liner using premanufactured steel framework on a 1-mile section of the Franklin Canal in Central El Paso, Texas. The project will conserve approximately 293 acre-feet of water per year. This section of the Franklin Canal is key for the construction of the Paso del Norte Trail to connect Downtown El Paso to the Medical Center of the Americas campus.
Financial Disclosure Letter

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