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Defense and National Security

El Paso is home to Fort Bliss Army Base, a major power projection site and strategic asset for our national defense. For many soldiers, we are the last stop before they deploy and the first to welcome them home when they return.  

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I take great pride in working with our military leaders to ensure our service members, their families, and the civilians who work alongside them have the support and resources they need. Each year, I help craft the National Annual Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to provide our military the authority and oversight necessary to achieve our collective security. See the priorities I fought for in the FY20 bill here.  
Our military represents some of the best innovation and leadership in the world. Our national security is strengthened by the support and participation of surrounding communities and society at large, from research and testing, to industry and VA partnerships. We must further strengthen these relationships for mutual growth and sustainability.

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